Our Professional 24 Hours Towing and More

For the past 3 years, Big Red's Discount Towing has built a reputation in Indianapolis, IN as a reliable and affordable towing company that provides 24 hours towing services for drivers in the area. We take pride in being there for you during car breakdowns and we will tow your vehicle to a safe location. Our services include:

Flatbed TowingTowing Services
Damage-free towing services is what our customers are always looking for. The last thing that we want is our customers to worry about their vehicles while we are towing them. Our tow truck fleet is all well-maintained and ready to tow any vehicle regardless the size. Our trucks are designed to be safe for your vehicle. We are immune to dragging any of your vehicle’s exterior parts such as bumpers and body panels. For long-distance towing, we have a fleet of flatbed towing trucks ready to be deployed. Our flatbed towing vehicles are recommended for long-distance towing because it is safe for your vehicle. One of the advantages of flatbed tow trucks is that your vehicle is secured tightly and horizontally during the trip. Our drivers are ready to be deployed anytime. All you have to do is to call our dispatch team and we can send a truck to your location right away.

Emergency Roadside Assistance
Got a flat tire and don’t know what to do? Don’t worry because we got you covered. With a single call, we can send a team of professional mechanics to your location right away. From simple brake repair to gas delivery, we will provide a quick solution to your vehicle problems. The last thing that we want is a driver stranded in the middle of the night and that is why we provide prompt service so we can get you moving right away.

Auto Wrecker Services
Have a junk car in your garage and don’t know what to do with it? Why not salvage your car for useful parts and sell them? Everybody is always looking for cheap car parts such as used tires and exhausts. Our junk car removal service will remove your car from your garage and salvage it for parts where you can sell them and get funds for your new vehicle.

Big Red's Discount Towing provides the best towing services in Herron Morton IN 46202. Make sure to save our number (317) 931-0000 every time you are driving in the Indianapolis, IN area.

Big Red's Discount Towing
Address: Indianapolis, IN 46208
Phone: (317) 931-0000


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